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Equipments – extrusion

LOADING The billets are moved automatically and their length and diameter are measured by laser to minimize scrap. The billets are cleaned by an automatic brushing machine, to remove any surface oxide and impurities.

PRE-HEATING OVEN The pre-heating is monitored dynamically in relation to the required kg/hour with an automated production control. The billets are cut by shearing to the necessary length to be extruded, a calculation of the scrap being made from the second billet onwards.  

PRESS We have presses of various production capacities to be able to satisfy all the requests from our clients. All of the presses use a computerized monitoring system to manage all extrusion parameters and information, as well as videocamera control of the machinery.


COOLING TABLE, PULLER, STRETCHER AND CUTTING The cooling of the extruded profiles is carried out by forced air circulation or by nebulizated water. The cooling table feeds the cutter, cutting made on the extrusion joint, and monitors the back log of the extrusion to be cut, with possibility of automatic or manual stretching. All the process is controlled by videocameras and managed by an operator. An automatic conveyor feeds then the profiles to the cutting line, where they are cut to the specified length.

AGING OVEN Heating is carried out indirectly to avoid possible formation of condensation on the profiles, that could alter the physical characteristics of aluminium. The temperature and duration of the treatment are specifically chosen to obtain the mechanical characteristics required.

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