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Allumium - Caracteristic

Light, but elastic and resistant, aluminium is also a good conductor, reflects well the light, is easily recyclable, is not magnetic and doesn’t cause sparks. Considering these factors and the fact that it is the third element present in the Earth’s crust, it is easy to understand why it is used to make millions of different products. As said before, the advantages of aluminium are many and can be summed up as follows:

LIGHTNESS Comparing the same volumes of aluminium and steel, the aluminium usually weighs a third of the steel. Notable reductions in weight can be obtained in every type of mechanical application.

RESISTANCE Aluminium is a very good material from an aesthetic point of view, but its surface can be still further treated with a wide range of finishing, from coating to anodizing.

CONDUCTIVITY The specific thermal conductivity of aluminium makes it indispensable in the electronic industry and for electrical applications.

WORKABILITY Aluminium can be worked, using all the most widely used techniques, easier than most other metals. It can be forged, rolled until obtaining extremely thin sheets, extruded for complex profiles and bent.

VERSATILITY The possiblity to create alloys of aluminium with other metals, means that it can be adapted to meet a vast range of needs. Aluminium alloys, can be rigid or elastic, particularly robust or very resistant to corrosion.

AESTHETICS Aluminium is a good material from an aesthetic point of view, but its surface can be treated with a large range of finishings, from coating to coloured anodizing.

RECYCLABILITY Aluminium is easily recyclable, with an energy cost equal to a twentieth of that necessary for the first fusion. Today almost a third of the aluminium consumed is recycled from scrap material.


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